Trio 3

Andrew Cyrille (drums)                Oliver Lake (sax)                Reggie Workman (bass)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Photo by Richard Conde

This ALL-STAR TRIO of  OLIVER LAKE (alto sax),  REGGIE WORKMAN  (bass) and  ANDREW CYRILLE (drums)  appeals to a broad spectrum without watering anything down, mainly because these legendary musicians, all virtuosos on their instruments, have uncanny communication with one another on the bandstand.

This communication is maintained with the addition of occasional Special Guest pianists like Vijay Iyer, and Jason Moran , who have also recorded with Trio 3. In 2017 Trio 3 will release a new CD sans guests.

With or without a guest, if you want a group that pushes the envelope without breaking it, give me a call.

Also see Special Projects.


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